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Image by Alicja Gancarz

Yiayia's Table:
A Journey of Love, Healing, and Greek Vegan Cuisine

Honoring Tradition, Healing with Food, and Embracing Earth's Bounty

As I look back on the days spent with my grandparents, Yiayia and Papou, in our village in Greece, the memories come flooding back—the kitchen overflowing with the aroma of fresh herbs and veggies straight from their garden or foraged from the mountains, the courtyard alive with the colors of vibrant flowers. Yiayia's cozy home was her sanctuary, filled with the comforting smells of Greek cooking and the stories of our generational community. But hidden within the simplicity of village life was a wealth of wisdom, passed down through the ages—it's knowledge I believe that is too valuable to keep to ourselves.

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Now, I'm on a journey back to my roots, creating a cookbook inspired by the incredible life of my Greek immigrant Yiayia Giannoula —from her humble beginnings in the mountains of Greece as a farmer to her bustling kitchen in Brooklyn, New York. It's a project that's deeply personal to me, a way of honoring her resilience, her wisdom, and her love for cooking. But it's also something I believe we can all connect with, no matter where we come from.

So come along with me as we explore the stories, flavors, and traditions that have shaped generations. We'll explore the intersections of culture, identity, and the healing power of food. Together, we'll reconnect with the land through veganized Greek cuisine, from comforting Pastisio (Bechamel Lasagna) to hearty Gigantes Plaki (Giant Bean Stew) and flavorful Gemista Ntomates (Summer Stuffed Tomatoes). Each dish will not only honor Greek traditions but also offer a modern twist in plant-based cuisine, emphasizing seasonal eating. And as we do, we'll rediscover the profound connection between food and community and cooking as a love language.

I invite you to journey with me —experiencing all that is the past, integrating it into the present, and savoring every delicious moment along the way. Welcome to Yiayia's Table, where love and tradition come together to nourish both body and soul.

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