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Private Retreat Chef

Vegan Retreat Chef Services in Westchester, Hudson Valley NY & Catskills NY


My name is Christina Gdisis

I'm a Vegan Homestyle Chef. Whether you are hosting a yoga retreat, a wellness event, or an intimate gathering, I'm here to provide you with a truly unique and unforgettable plant based cooking catering experience.


So why not let me take care of the food, and allow you to focus on creating a truly special event?

Image by Anja Junghans
Vegan Retreat Chef in Hudson Valley, Weschester, Catskills

My Philosophy

Mama Earth on your plate

At the heart of my cooking philosophy is kindness and compassion, which is why all of my food is made using only plant-based ingredients.

My menus are inspired by the traditional Greek recipes passed down through my family, which were originally developed in the mountainous farming land. I incorporate whole foods and seasonal plants to create dishes that are fresh, flavorful, and nourishing.

I believe that the meals I provide invite you to connect with Mama Earth and her abundance, helping you to achieve balance and alignment with the natural world. My cooking philosophy also incorporates influences from Ayurvedic philosophy, ensuring that our meals are not only delicious but also supportive of your overall health and well-being.

Sourced from Mama Earth

All ingredients incorporated into my meal offerings are completely natural

100% Vegan

No harm to other animals, so no animal products are used, including bee honey

Seasonal Whole Foods

No processed foods and only ingredients that are available according to the seasons

Clean 15 & Locally Sourced

Offering organic ingredients, and otherwise sourced from the Clean 15, and when possible, sourced from local farmers. 

Taste of a Sample Menu

Here is a day in the life of an autumn yoga retreat, inviting the grounding elements plant foods can offer for the airy qualities of the autumn season. Personalized menus are curated carefully for each retreat to meet the ethos of each experience.


Seasonal Autumn Mungbean Omelettes with Mint Chutney

Chai Spiced Oatmeal with Stewed Pears

Local Bread with Seasonal Fruit Jam, Vegan Butter, and Nut Butter

Coffee, Tea, and Juice


Autumn Risotto topped with Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Squash, and Homemade Vegan Parmesan Cheese

Kale Caesar Salad with Chickpea Croutons


Vata-pacifying Carrot Ginger Soup topped with cashew creme

Grounding Root Veggie Quinoa Salad with Green Shoots, topped with Creamy Sunflower Sauce


Christina was our Chef during one of our retreats. Her presence, food and overall disposition was beyond what we could have asked for. She became an integrated part of our retreat group, she poured her heart and soul into the preparation of each meal. Watching her prepare was a beautiful experience itself, she had mantras playing in the background and made the whole process a practice, which you could feel in the food. She took care in explaining what each food was and why she chose it, she shared stories of her grandmother and what drives her passion for feeding people in this very magical way. We could not recommend her enough!

Bibi Lorenzetti, Owner of Newburgh Yoga Shala

Image by Christina Deravedisian

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