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Image by Christina Deravedisian

Vegan Cooking Experiences

A journey of culinary compassion

Conscious vegan cuisine is a testament to the love we extend to our minds, bodies, fellow creatures, and Mother Earth. It is through recipes that we can find an incredible way for us to explore ourselves, to deepen our relationship with those around us, and to forge a connection to the land cultivated by our wise ancestors.


Together, we'll navigate the kitchen, exploring every part of the cooking process. From the seasonal ingredients we select to the tools we use and the techniques we try out, we'll dive deep into the heart of mindful cooking. Let love and compassion guide your culinary curiosity as we journey through plant based whole food vegan cuisine.

My holistic approach is designed to inspire and empower you in your sacred kitchen.

Here, you'll find that there's something for everyone.


Whether it be


Live Cooking Classes

for those looking for an interactive experience from your very own home, in a group setting...

Private Cooking Class

for those looking for a more personal experience...

or an On-Demand Video Class

for those wanting to learn at their own pace.​

So, whichever route calls you, together, let's cultivate a deeper connection to our food, our planet, and each other through the art of vegan cooking.

Cooking Offerings

Live Online Cooking

Welcome to our virtual kitchen, where conscious vegan cuisine serves as a conduit for love, connection, and mindfulness. Here you can join me through online vegan cooking workshops, classes, and demonstrations, dedicated to preparing conscious vegan dishes that will gr